Princeton Car Accident Lawyer

When a negligent driver causes a car crash that changes your life or ends the life of a loved one in Princeton, Beckley, Mercer County and surrounding areas in West Virginia, one lawyer’s more than 30 years of experience can make a positive difference — and improve your chance of collecting the maximum financial compensation you deserve.

William S. Winfrey II listens carefully to your account of what caused your accident in a car or truck, or on a motorcycle; investigates to pinpoint the party responsible for it; and uses the facts of your case in skillful negotiation with the negligent driver’s insurance company.

If discussions are not productive, Mr. Winfrey will not hesitate to aggressively protect your rights in court. You need compensation for any and all accident-related expenses: lost income, medical bills, and vehicle repair or replacement costs. Your settlement or litigated outcome may also reflect emotional trauma you suffered, and physical pain and suffering.

William S. Winfrey II is committed to helping injured people — and to holding negligent motorists and their insurers accountable. Since timing is so important in the filing of any personal injury claim, you should contact us immediately to arrange your free consultation.

Beckley Auto Accident Attorney William S. Winfrey II

Driving is a privilege, but far too many people take it for granted, driving while distracted or intoxicated, and in ways that violate the law. They forget that careless driving can cause grievous harm to another person — especially an unprotected pedestrian or bicycle rider. In West Virginia, a common cause of car accidents is texting while driving. But no matter what caused your accident, Mercer County personal injury attorney William S. Winfrey II will do everything possible to ensure your best possible outcome.

If fatal injuries to a loved one in a car accident have become a case of wrongful death, Mr. Winfrey is here for you, to help wherever necessary. While he realizes that there is no sum of money great enough to bring back your loved one, he knows that just compensation from a wrongful death lawsuit can help you cover future expenses such as college tuition or long-term care.

Throughout the legal process, our lawyer shows utmost sensitivity to your emotions at a trying time while safeguarding your interests behind the scenes and staying available to address any sudden questions or concerns that might arise.

The last thing on your mind, as you recover from your accident or a relative’s wrongful death tragedy, should be the cost of the Winfrey law office‘s quality representation. This is why we offer our skilled legal services strictly on a contingency fee basis. You owe no attorney fee unless we win your case. This means you have absolutely nothing to lose — and potentially everything to gain — by contacting us.

Call Princeton car accident attorney William S. Winfrey II at 304-716-4344 to arrange your free initial consultation. We respond promptly to your email message. If your injury prevents travel, Mr. Winfrey can visit with you at your home or in your hospital room.